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SamVidhi Newsletters

The Newsletter is a publication covering important events, judicial pronouncements, important dates and days, and many more.

November 2020, Issue 3

In this issue, we are covering malaria forecast, states' consent to CBI, jail-condition as prisoner's human rights, the constitutionality of POCSO Act sections 29 & 30, the fundamental right to peaceful protest, among other things.


November 2020, Issue 2

In this issue, we are covering Public Affairs index, WWF water risk report, Indian's appointment in foreign governments, ban on firecrackers in different states, among other things.


November 2020, Issue 1

In this issue, we are covering the body for tackling stubble burning, electricity access report, nuclear weapon ban treaty, Allahabad HC's ruling on conversion for marriage, among other things.


October 2020, Issue 3

In this issue, we are covering India's healthcare expenses fourth lowest in the world, exempting e-vehicles from road tax, India's ranking in per capita GDP, among other things.   


October 2020, Issue 2

In this issue, we are covering EU court's ruling on phone-data surveillance, insensitive reporting by media, Nobel prizes, Bihar elections, among other things.   


October 2020, Issue 1

In this issue, we are covering Amnesty India controversy,  India's defence upgradations, Health in India report, Sri Lanka's ban on cattle slaughter, among other things.   


September 2020, Issue 3

In this issue, we are covering Indian's election to UNCSW, India's ranking in WB Human Capital Index, Iran's execution of Navid Afkari, among other things.   


September 2020, Issue 2

In this issue, we are covering NLAT, guidelines for ads, Khassogi trial, refugee camp fire, amendments to labor codes, among other things.   


September 2020, Issue 1

In our inaugural issue we are covering Hungary's attack on academic freedom, internet crisis in Belarus, Madras HC's order on legal education, among other things.   

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