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Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines for Authors

  1. The article must be an original work of the author and should neither be published nor be under consideration for publication anywhere else.

  2. The word limit for the article is 1200-2000 words, inclusive of citations.

  3. Co-authorship is permitted up to a maximum of two authors.

  4. The Body and Endnotes of the article must have –  

    • Font style: Times New Roman

    • Font Size: 12

    • Line Spacing: 1.5

    • Alignment: Justified

  5. All the references should ideally be hyperlinked within the text itself. Those sources only which can not be hyperlinked should be duly mentioned in the Endnotes following a uniform style of citations.

  6. Any kind of plagiarism will lead to disqualification of the manuscript.

  7. The submissions have to be made by email to with the subject as “Submission for the SamVidhi Blog”.

  8. The articles must be submitted in .doc or .docx format.

  9. The body of the email shall specify the name(s) of the author(s), theme/title of the article, institutional affiliation, e-mail address and contact number. The manuscript should not contain any information about the author(s). 

  10. Authors may send a brief bio to be included in the post in a separate document, if they may so desire. 

  11. Authors may withdraw their submitted manuscript before its acceptance, post acceptance authors will not be allowed to withdraw their manuscript except for the exceptional circumstances.  

  12. In case of disputes, the decision of the Editorial Board shall be final.

 We invite submissions from the students, academics, professionals and
practitioners alike.



The article may not strictly be a legal analysis of any contemporary development but it must highlight the socio-legal, societal or environmental impacts arising therefrom. Authors are encouraged to discuss any socio-legal issues/events which are not much contemporary but need to be brought in the public debate. However, such articles must show their relevance in the present time or in the future.


  1. By submitting an article to the blog, the author undertakes that the article is an original work of the author and wherever any reference or reliance has been placed upon any sources, the same has been duly acknowledged or hyperlink thereto have been provided; and that the article is neither published nor is under consideration for publication at any other platform. 

  2. The copyright over the article shall get transferred to "SamVidhi", however, the author alone shall have the liability for all the copyright claims and SamVidhi will not in any manner be responsible for any such infringements. The author shall indemnify SamVidhi and its Editorial Board against all claims and expenses (including legal costs and expenses) arising therefrom.

  3. SamVidhi reserves the right to re-use, republish, reproduce, or share the article in any form, format, or manner without any requirement to take further prior consent of the concerned author. The author of such articles will be given full credit of their work in every such subsequent publication.

  4. Republication of the articles, posted by SamVidhi, at other publishing platforms is allowed after taking prior permission of the Editorial Board of SamVidhi. In these cases, it shall be mandatory for the author/publisher to acknowledge the publication on SamVidhi blog according to the given format-

        The article was first published on SamVidhi in <month> <year> and can be accessed at <link>.

If you have any query, drop a mail at

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