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Team SamVidhi & Team Oorjaa: Legal literacy sessions

"Legal literacy is the core basis for the survival of our Constitutional democracy. Our entire judicial setup functions on the presumption that all people are aware of their rights and are able to approach the concerned institution." – Hon’ble Justice P. Sathasivam (former Chief Justice of India)

In light of the above quote, Team Samvidhi is collaborating with Team Oorjaa to conduct Legal Literacy Sessions as legal awareness is the core of Rule of Law and Constitutionalism.

The responses from the audience will help us strategize and structure the sessions based on the inputs received.

It is pertinent that we as citizens know our rights and duties and attending these sessions will help us understand the umbrella of access to justice and the law of the land.

We hope to hear from you and engage in these sessions soon.

The link to the Google Form :


Visit Oorjaa at https://oorjaa.org/ to know more about all the wonderful works they are doing to enable a social sector that is collaborative, interdependent, and transparent.



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